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High Holiday Ritual Lab 5783: Roots

Roots are what keep us grounded; they are the unseen network of connection. Roots are what lie underneath; they are the connective tissue of interdependence; Roots are a “We” not an “I’; an “Us” not a “Me.” Roots acknowledge that there have been others that came before us that inform the choices that we make today, seen or unseen; they also call upon us to go deep and provide for a world of the future. Roots connect us with Ancestral Wisdom and Moral Systems. Roots Nourish, Gird, Strengthen and Secure; Roots give us the power to go higher through interconnection and wisdom from the Depths of the Earth.

In a world where people feel unmoored, at a time when distractions rend us from our inner-connection to the source, our call from the shofar as we turn into 5783 is a cry to connect to One Another, Our Deepest Selves, and Our Roots.