Open Temple

I’m a Jew
But I don’t know what that means.




I want a community to “do Jewish” with a contemporary, Los Angeles, 21st century vibe
had a kid. Suddenly I care. I want to know more…Now what?
I want to walk into a Jewish community with my PhD, JD, MD and not feel like a lost 5-year old around Jewish prayer, history and spirituality.
I am a musician/techie/actor/writer/director/artist and want to integrate my creativity with something more. Where is a community to explore this?
My Dad’s Jewish. My Mom’s not.  I’m curious.
I went on Birthright and my Jewish eyes are opened. Now what?
I’m not Jewish.  My partner is.  Where can we go where we both belong?
The Open Temple.  A new Jewish community.


-Abraham Joshua Heschel and MLK, Jr.

“The Prophet is an iconoclast, challenging the apparently holy, revered and awesome.

Beliefs cherished as certainties, institutions endowed with supreme sanctity, the prophet exposes as scandalous pretensions.

The prophet’s word is a scream in the night. While the world is at ease and asleep, the prophet feels the blast from heaven.”
– AJ Heschel