Soul Journey Classes


Soul Journey: An Introduction to Judaism

Open Temple and Academy for Jewish Religion/LA collaborate on Soul Journey: An Intro to Judaism, offering the only trans-denominational conversion class in Los Angeles. For those interested in conversion, the class is accepted by the Sandra Caplan Beit Din.  

Students take a deep dive into Judaism through the lens of its history, spirituality, text, community, law, gender, interfaith, holidays, thought and more. Our 18-week Global course will run twice during the 2020-21 year by Zoom coupled with one or two Live experiences for participants who live locally.

Fall 2020
7 – 9pm PST

Spring 2021
5 – 7pm PST

Rabbi Lori Shapiro
Muriel Dance, PhD, BCC
Rabbi Avivah W. Erlick
Rabbi Janet Madden, PhD
Tamar Frankiel, PhD
Rabbi Lisa Bock

Soul Journey: An Introduction to Judaism Curriculum – Global (Zoom) Class


Want to learn Hebrew? Here’s a class for you.


Tuition:  $500

Soul Journey/Intro to Judaism is one of several Intro to Judaism classes offered in Los Angeles as a path to conversion and accepted by the Sandra Caplan Beit Din. We welcome everyone into this class, both Jews and Jew-ishly curious.  While it is a path for conversion, the class is also just a wonderful way to deepen one’s Jew-ish education.