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Soul Journey: An Introduction to Judaism

Open Temple and Academy for Jewish Religion/LA collaborate on Soul Journey: An Intro to Judaism. Students take a deep dive into Judaism through the lens of its history, spirituality, text, community, law, gender, interfaith, holidays, thought and more. This unique offering is designed for all who are Jew’ishly curious and is the only trans-denominational class that can be used for conversion in Los Angeles, accepted by the Sandra Caplan Beit Din.

Our 20-week Global course runs twice a year on Zoom, coupled with one or two live experiences for participants who live locally. Syllabus and Application form below.

Summer 2024
Begins May 6
7 – 9pm PST

Enrollment is open now, and students are able to join while the course is in progress.

Rabbi Lisa Bock
Rabbi Anne Brener
Chaplain Muriel Dance, Ph.D
Rabbi Karen Deitsch
Rabbi Ilana Grinblat
Rabbi Janet Madden, Ph.D
Rabbi Robin Podolsky
Chaplain Deborah Schmidt, Esq.
Rabbi Lori Shapiro

Tuition for Summer 2024: $500
Please contact us contact us if you need financial assistance.

Sample Curriculum:

Week 1: Intro + Community / Mussar / Concepts of Believing, Belonging, Behaving. Mussar Trait: Hiddur Mitzvah

Week 2: ’Havdil/Distinctions: Gender, “The Other”, Denominations, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Mussar Trait: Kavod

Week 3: Hebrew/Jewish Languages / Rabbinic vs. Biblical vs. Modern Hebrew / Learn the aleph bet Mussar Trait: Savlanut

Week 4: Menshlicheit: How Study and Spiritual Practices Shape a Healthy, Upstanding Life Mussar Trait: Seder

Week 5: Lifecycle I: Marriage, Birth, Circumcision, Raising Children Mussar Trait: Nedivut

Week 6: Lifecycle II: Bikkur Cholim/Visiting the Sick, Maturity, End of Life, AfterlifeMussar Trait: Rachamim

Week 7: Holy Days I: Shabbat and Weekdays. Mussar Trait: Menuchat

Week 8: Holy Days II: Wheel of the Jewish Year: Fall and Winter Holidays Mussar Trait: Yirah

Week 9: Holy Days III: Spring and Summer Holidays. Mussar Trait: Hoda’ya

Week 10: Tefilah / Liturgy / Music. Mussar Trait: Tikvah

Week 11: Sacred Text: Oral and Written Part I. Mussar Trait: Anavah

Week 12: Sacred Text: Oral and Written Part II. Mussar Trait: Zerizut

Week 13: Jewish Civilization and History I: Ancient through Enlightenment. Mussar Trait: L’dor v’dor

Week 14: Jewish Civilization and History II: Enlightenment. Mussar Trait: Achrayut

Week 15: Interfaith/World Religions. Mussar Trait: Emet

Week 16: Modern Issues: Holocaust, Israel & Palestine. Mussar Trait: Emunah

Week 17: Jewish Law (Halacha) / Kashrut / Contemporary Jewish Practice. Mussar Trait: Shtikah

Week 18: Jewish Spirituality / Concepts of God / Jewish Thought. Mussar Trait: Bitachon

Week 19: Jewish Mysticism. Mussar Trait: Chavavah

Conclusion: Siyum – Judaism in Los Angeles: Where Do We Go From Here? Mussar Trait: Tzedek

Soul Journey/Intro to Judaism is one of several Intro to Judaism classes offered in Los Angeles as a path to conversion and accepted by the Sandra Caplan Beit Din. We welcome everyone into this class, both Jews and Jew-ishly curious. While it is a path for conversion, the class is also just a wonderful way to deepen one’s Jew-ish education. 

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Spring 2024 Schedule:

Begins Monday, 5/6/24, last class 9/30/24

Introduction to Judaism course

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