Open Temple

And so, who are we?


Open Temple’s mission is to re-enchant Judaism and create an Open Door for Everyone to go on their Jewish Soul Journey. On the vanguard of Jewish innovation, Open Temple offers Ritual Happenings, Creative Classes, and Multi-Media portals into Jewish Life, all with a 21st century vibe. We activate Jewish ritual moments, spiritual assembly and learning, and engage “co-creators” in experimental and impactful Happenings that bring Judaism to contemporary life as we inspire Jewish curiosity, creativity and critical thought (for the Jew-ishly curious and those who love us) with the objective to reinvigorate our human potential towards more meaningful, connected and purposeful lives that transform ourselves and the world.

Artists. Lawyers. Industry professionals. Actors. Grad students. Professors. The Open Temple is an experimental spiritual community asking: What happens when tradition is given the license to bend according to our curiosities — unself-consciously and freely?


“Sing unto God a new song.”
-Psalm 96

If God is already tired, as suggests the Psalm, of hearing the old song, all the more so will ordinary mortals be.
-Alcalay (20th c. Jewish lexicographer)

The Open Temple.
Sing a new Song.