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Concierge B Mitzvah

We understand that many families have complicated schedules, and that coming to classes may not work. Our Concierge B Mitzvah offers tutoring combined with robust involvement in our welcoming community.

B Mitzvah is more than learning the prayers and writing a speech. It’s about deepening your child’s Jewish Journey, and exploring Judaism as a family, within a community, so that you can all experience Shabbat, the High Holidays, and more.

Our B Mitzvahs are all officiated by Rabbis, and your child will work with their tutor and officiating rabbi to learn deeply, and connect their own lives to the service.

The year of learning cultimates with a simcha at the location of your choice: Your home. A theater. A hotel. The Baal Shem Tov Forest in the Galilee. A golf course. The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The beach. No matter where you choose, Open Temple creates sacred spaces where all are welcome. Read what was featured in the Jewish Journal about Open Temple’s customizable B Mitzvahs.

At Open Temple, each bar and bat mitzvah is an opportunity for our community to renew our Jewish Journeys and renew our vision through the lens of our bar or bat mitzvah – the newest innovation of Jew. Read what David Suissa wrote about an Open Temple Bar Mitzvah at the Museum of the Holocaust.

In addition to tutoring, B Mitzvah students are welcome, but not required to attend classes, field trips, shabbats and other happenings. 

Concierge B Mitzvah Fees are determined after meeting with a rabbi and assessing your child’s needs, and include Open Temple Co-Creatorship for the whole family.

Enrollment is now open for Fall 2024/5785. For any questions, please reach out to Kirsten Hudson. If you’re ready to sign up or re-enroll:





The evening was amazing, the service was more than wonderful and one that everyone is still talking about. Our friends and family were left with a feeling of knowing what they sat through – a loving, warm service that transmitted the knowledge of what the process was all about. They experienced a Bar Mitzvah in a way none have done so before (as did we).

– Max’s Mom

Bar and bat mitzvah Los Angeles

Customizable bar and bat mitzvah