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The First Breath: Rosh HaShanah

Erev Rosh HaShanah Kirtan
with Idan Meyer
Monday, September 6
6:30 pm

Rosh HaShanah Day Pods

The Open Temple 5782 Pod Minyan.
Pivoting with the times, but not relenting to Zoom.
A Live and Intimate Experience.
Begin Again.

Tuesday, September 7
10:00 am

Rosh HaShanah Family Service
Tuesday, September 7
4:00 pm on the Beach

Advance passes are required.

The High Holidays are the Jewish Burning Man, Bhaktifest, Yoga class, Kirtan chant, Hike in the hills, Meditation on a mountain, Ayahuasca circle and Juice fast combined. And through each of these experiences, we seek a re-connection with Self.

A Return to Self, or T’shuvahis the objective of the High Holidays. It demands that we open ourselves to our personal foibles, short-comings and just plan uglies. The process of this personal rebuke is called Tocheichah. 

It’s not a matter of sitting on a perch overlooking PCH as the sun sets. That will not clean up the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wreckage of our lives. It takes getting down and dirty.  We’ve got to spend this month (Elul) cleaning up the mess we have created with others as we prepare to air out all of our dirty little secrets – in public (Viddui or Confession, prayer).

Not for the faint hearted, indeed.

The Yamim Nora’im (High Holidays) provide a prism of rarefied rituals, sounds, songs and movements that transport our mind, bodies and souls to a place of raw authenticity. They awaken us to our core. Hirhur T’shuvah describes this spontaneous Awakening to Authentic Self as the Shofar sounds our Spiritual Alarm Clock.

Are you ready to Awaken?

Open Temple Soul Journey 5782:
Begin Again.

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