Open Temple

Sukkot on the AK Farm

Bark Mitzvah 5782
Time for Farley or Marley or Bella or Max’s Bark Mitzvah

Sunday, September 26
3:00 pm

Sukkot is our festival of booths when we build a temporary shelter and fill it with the plentitude of life – friends, food and fun times. As Abbot Kinney Blvd. is footsteps away, we dedicate our Sukkot Festival as “Sukkot on the AK Farm” to commemorate Abbot Kinney’s vision had for a “Venice by the Sea” – a community of inclusivity, creativity and vision – which is kind of like what Sukkot is all about. It’s a day to say yes to life, learn more about Open Temple and our Creative Torah Academy Hebrew School of the Arts for Kids and connect with community.

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