Open Temple

Life Cycle Events


There are times in our lives when we need a rabbi. Rabbi Lori is available for officiating at life-cycle events as one of the many benefits for Open Temple Co-Creators.* Please consider becoming a Co-Creator if you would like Rabbi Lori to be involved in your life-cycle events or contact us to discuss your needs in further detail.

Rabbi Lori is a member of the Sandra Caplan Beit Din and can be available to facilitate conversion at no charge.

*Rabbinic services are available to Co-Creators who have been part of the Open Temple community for 6 months prior to the life-cycle event, giving us time to get to know you and for Rabbi Lori to be a meaningful presence during your time of need. 

One who occupies oneself with the needs of the community is as though one has occupied oneself with Torah.

Talmud Yerushalmi, Berakhot