Open Temple





You may meet someone new who lives around the block. You can be sure your kid has a personal and meaningful bar or bat mitzvah ritual. You will go on your Soul Journey. You can just show up to Shabbat. You may share challah around a table or Zoom Room with neighbors you don’t yet know. You may pray. You will dance. You will be inspired. You will enjoy awesome live music. You will be able to be alone while surrounded by the love of others. You can say “Thank you, God.” Whatever that means.

Not to mention:

  • Free parking (within reason) at Electric Lodge (for co-creator contributions above $1800)
  • Free High Holy Day Ritual Lab Passes*
  • Free Shabbat Dinner Passes
  • Free salad greens and herbs from our aeroponic towers
  • Discounts for other Happenings
  • Rabbi to officiate at (local) wedding. Free for those who have been co-creators for over a year and attending services
  • Rabbi to officiate at Baby Naming and other life cycle events (local)
  • Co-Creator only events

And…the knowledge that you are a part of a new, cutting-edge paradigm of Jewish Life.

* HHD Passes: 1 for individual co-creators, 2 for couples/families (plus kids welcome at family services)

One who occupies oneself with the needs of the community is as though one has occupied oneself with Torah.

Talmud Yerushalmi, Berakhot