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Co-Creator Benefit: Home Eco Assessment

Every year we work hard to show our appreciation for our Co-Creators. Not just because we love seeing their beautiful faces at services (we do!), not just because we welcome their helping hands (we do!), but because their donations make it possible for Open Temple to keep keep the doors open. This year, we thanked our co-creators with a special home-eco assessment by Eco Coach Julia Lisa. Co-Creators were invited to sign up for Julia to make a special home visit, during which time she offers analysis and suggestions. According to one co-creator: “Working with Julia to see how Green and eco-conscious our home and daily habits are, was a real empowering treat for us. She offers tons of resources that are easy to implement and makes one realize how each of us can contribute to living in a cleaner, healthier environment not only for ourselves but for our loved ones, for our community and the world at large. Thank you Open Temple for helping us act toward climate resiliency and sustainability!” For those who join us in March 2020, we’re continuing to offer this eco-assessment on top of all the other tangible and intangible benefits of being an Open Temple Co-Creator. Not ready to join? Let us know if you’d like to be in touch with Julia directly–she’s amazing!
Belonging is about supporting something greater than ourselves so that we can become Greater. Becoming a Co-Creator accesses the power of Creative Jewish Community that is Open Temple.
We work hard to ensure that everyone is welcome at Open Temple Happenings.  And because of your support as a Co-Creator, we ensure that we have the resources to make that happen.

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One who occupies oneself with the needs of the community is as though one has occupied oneself with Torah.

Talmud Yerushalmi, Berakhot

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