Open Temple

Full Transparency: High Holidays 2015

During our High Holiday services this year, we distributed a folder containing information about Open Temple, our Happenings, Creative Torah Academy, and Budget. We made a decision to be completely transparent as a community about our income and our spending, and included information for both FY 2015 and 2016.

At the Yom Kippur service, our incoming Board President, Blake Fogel, offered to match all donations between the Yom Kippur service and Sunday September 27th (the day of the Abbot Kinney festival). We have been overwhelmed by the response, and feel so supported in our decision to turn to the community to fund our programs over the next year.

If you were not at services, and want to see the folder, we’re happy to send you one. If you’d just like to see the contents, please feel free to download them below.

High Holiday Handouts