Open Temple

Our Boobies, Ourselves.

Explore hot topics in women’s health, including breast and ovarian cancer, and strategies to practice self-care during COVID times.  

Thursday, February 11
5:00 pm

This online forum will feature guidance by experts in medical, social, and spiritual wellness followed by a Q & A. Panel includes:

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg Lenz, doctor, expert, and advocate for integrative women’s health

Nathalie Shapiro, acupuncturist, herbalist and health coach

Rabbi Lori Shapiro, Founder & Artistic Director at Open Temple

Moderated by Aimee Sax, MSW at Sharshereta non-profit organization focused on breast and ovarian cancer

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“Sing unto God a new song.”
-Psalm 96

If God is already tired, as suggests the Psalm, of hearing the old song, all the more so will ordinary mortals be.
-Alcalay (20th c. Jewish lexicographer)

The Open Temple.
Sing a new Song.


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