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Good News : Venice History Can Be Saved


Good News!

The Cultural Commission has decided to consider the Tabor Residences for a Historic-Cultural Monument and will hold an “Under Consideration” hearing on May 18. At that time the Commission will decide whether to consider our nomination; if they do then there will be a site visit and a final hearing. There will be opportunity for Public Comment and you can also submit written statements. This is a multi-step process and if all goes well, the decision-making that starts on May 18 at the Cultural Heritage Commission will be decided on July 20.

If you are interested in getting involved, there are some actions you could take. Please also spread the word to others that may be interested.

Write to the city by May 10th so that your letter will be considered part of the public record in the Tabor Residences case to grant Historic status. The more support the City receives from the community, the better the chance we have of being considered.

Make it personal, tell what this property means to you, why you think it should be saved and honored. And especially why it is important that we honor Venice’s diverse heritage and in particular that of one of the founding families homes!

Be sure to include your name and address.

The Letters of Support should be sent to Copy Melissa Jones, OHR Planner,, and to me

Come to the Thursday May 18 meeting at City Hall and Speak! We need Venetians interested in their history. We need Oakwood neighbors who grew up knowing about the Tabors or not knowing and glad to be supporting this nomination. We need to tell them that there is more Venice History to be saved and you will be here again.

Tell everyone what is going on. Share this info with other concerned neighbors. Use Facebook to broadcast the importance of the history of the African-American community here in Venice.

Join our Facebook Group: Saving Venice History

As Jataun says we are doing this so “That future generations should know and learn about how it was.”

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