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The Wandering Jew Truck / A Spiritual Food Truck



The Jewish Innovation
The Wandering Jew Truck /A Spiritual Food Truck engages the Jew-ishly curious and those who love us in public spaces serving spiritual nourishment and Jewish enchantment. Creative programs provoke thought, conversation and community at Los Angeles food truck gatherings and Jew-y and non-Jew-y Festivals. With a schedule of offerings including Shabbat Services, guest speakers, Torah Study, Sustainable Drive-in Movie Nights and Havdalah Happenings, community is created by pulling up a lawn chair and introducing yourself. The Jew-Truck will work with a roster of local and national Jewish community collaborators to reach families and individuals outside of traditional community circles. Our bio-diesel fueled truck rolls with the values of welcoming, egalitarianism, and justice for all. A new Mishkon for a new generation.

The Impact
A modern Mishkan, the Wandering Jew Truck draws from an ancient symbol of community in-gathering, reaching new Jews at every “Happening”. In the 21th century, our lifestyles do not revolve around one center. We want to focus our spirituality on community building without the yoke of synagogue mortgages. With a post-Pew study call for action for engaging the unaffiliated and disaffiliated, the Wandering Jew Truck serves the second most visited tourist site in S. California — Venice Beach. With dynamic and creative Jewish programming, community and curiosity, the Jew Truck will re-enchant Jewish life in an already out of the box beach community. The Wandering Jew Truck — a Spiritual Food Truck.

What the money is for

Building a Jew Truck is kind of like building a Mishkan. We need the entire community to help. Artists. Educators. Mechanics. Rabbis. Bubbes. All money raised for the Wandering Jew Truck will go towards truck purchase, refurbishment, design and maintenance.

Monies raised will go directly to our non-profit’s fundraising campaign to support the following:

Used Step Van: A Step Van is like a FedEx truck. We will purchase a used diesel motored truck and make improvements to it for reliability and bio-diesel fuel.

Skins: A food truck is a rolling piece of art. A local Venice artist will be commissioned to provide the design and art for the Jew Truck.

Truck Refurbishment: The Jew Truck will have a cozy interior with cupboards, bookshelves and nooks to store materials for our events. Included but not limited to: movie screen, iPads, lawn chairs, books, art supplies, sound equipment, and other Jew-y supplies.


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