Open Temple

Kosher Pickles: The Open Temple Men’s Club

Connecting all who identify as Men.

Nurturing Creativity, Truth, Love and Strength.

Co-Creator Nick Orenstein hosts a discussion focussed on focused on miracles and the sharing of gratitudes to help create a space for joy in a time of conflict. 

Please register below to let us know you’re coming, and please bring a snack to share. Co-Creators: please RSVP to Rachel Stacy to let her know you’ll be there!

For more information, please send an email to

We’d love to get a minyan or more.

“Sing unto God a new song.”
-Psalm 96

If God is already tired, as suggests the Psalm, of hearing the old song, all the more so will ordinary mortals be.
-Alcalay (20th c. Jewish lexicographer)

The Open Temple.
Sing a new Song.