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Stepping into Safed: Kabbalah through Mind, Body, Soul

A 7-step journey into Jewish Mysticism, Intellectual Doorways to the Divine and Embodied Kabbalistic Practice. Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D., a scholar of Jewish history and thought, will show us the roots of Jewish mysticism in ancient visionary traditions, introduce the most famous treatises of Kabbalah, and explain how the practices of mystics, ranging from Saragosa and Safed to Brooklyn and Boulder, have continued to enrich Jewish life down to the present. Avi Sherbill, Embodied Practitioner, applies the theories and ideas of Kabbalah into embodied practice through Sound Baths, Kirtan and Movement.

Tuition for the whole series is $200, individual sessions are $36. The first session, on March 17th, will be free.

History and Philosophy (online):

Tuesday 3/17 @ 7pm PST via Zoom Topic: Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah, Part I : Mysticism in Times of Crisis

Tuesday 4/21 @ 7pm via Zoom

Tuesday 5/19 @ 7pm via Zoom

Tuesday 6/16 @ 7pm via Zoom

Embodied Learning:

4/1: This session will be rescheduled

5/6: This session will be rescheduled

6/3: This session will be rescheduled

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