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Interfaith Jewish

Interfaith Jewish

Many communities suggest that they are new spins on tradition filled with Interfaith Jewish ideas. Open Temple really embodies that. Our Interfaith Jewish approach is fun, contemporary and feels good. Where to find an Interfaith Jewish community? Open Temple offers a brand of Interfaith Jewish Judaism that is making waves across the Jewish world.

Many communities express contemporary Jewish expressions of Interfaith Jewish life; however, Open Temple embodies what is inclusive and Interfaith Jewish experiences. Our services, in a black box theatre, incorporate concepts of a Interfaith Jewish life – we are as open to expressions through digital media as we are meditation. Our school includes an interfaith Jewish approach to Hebrew school – our students study Judaism through the modern lens of the arts and thought, and study Judaism through a civilization lens, learning how Judaism interacts with other faiths throughout geography and time.

Our Interfaith Jewish approach engages students in modern and Interfaith Jewish ideas that stem from the ancient and rabbinic traditions and find their way into our lives through dance, theatre, music, art, weaving and more expressions of Interfaith Jewish expressions of Judaism and the arts. Our women’s groups offer an interfaith Jewish take on traditional Jewish ideas. We have a once a month Rosh Hodesh group where women can explore their Jewish identity and the way it intersects with interfaith Jewish ideas through community, creativity and a shared meal. The counterpart to this interfaith Jewish spin on female community is our men’s group, which meets at Open Temple house monthly and encourages our community of men to find their Jewish voices outside of what tradition has told men to be.

Our band converts traditional Jewish songs into new, cool and interfaith Jewish expressions, and we are known to “mash up” traditional and interfaith Jewish music and transform them into cool Jewish classics through reworking them into Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Madonna, Motown and more. This new and interfaith Jewish expression of Judaism invites the participant into a form of interfaith Jewish spirituality that is fresh, fun and uniquely modern in its application of interfaith Jewish ideas and thought for an interfaith Jewish appeal. Interfaith Judaism is the not only the future of Judaism – it is a reality of our past. It is time that we look past the parochialism of our times and embrace an extended view of Interfaith Judaism.

Open Temple’s Interfaith Jewish offerings include a culture being radically welcoming and inclusive. Our approach also possesses many new takes on tradition; the result is a fresh and interfaith Jewish look at the world around us. Open Temple’s application of interfaith Jewish ideas creates a cool interfaith Jewish experience that is contemporary, fun, and accessible for all who identify as an interfaith Jewish individual or couple.

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