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High Holidays Los Angeles

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High Holidays Los Angeles Open Temple’s High Holidays in Los Angeles offers an intimate and unique opportunity for those seeking creative, inspiring and community-oriented services. The Open Temple High Holiday Experience is located in Venice, CA, by the beach, and begins at the first of Elul with The Call – a sound bath on the beach to awaken the soul in the tradition of “Hirhur T’shuvah” – an Awakening to Return. Open Temple’s High Holidays observances continue with The Schvitz, a group visit to a spa for Torah and schvitzing, The Awakening, Open Temple’s term for Rosh HaShanah, The Pause, Shabbat Tishrei on the Beach, The Dunk, a communal mikvah experience in the Pacific Ocean, the Sacrifice, our unique understanding of Yom Kippur, The Building, our Sukkot Festival and The Celebration – the climax of Simchat Torah. Open Temple’s High Holiday services in Los Angeles have been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal for our Avodah Goat Yoga observance on Yom Kippur, as well as in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal for our dedicated practices towards inclusivity. The Open Temple High Holiday Rosh HaShanah services are a relevant High Holiday experience, bringing contemporary thoughts, ideas and sounds into tradition, and are filled with the unexpected. From inviting LAPD officers to engage in a Bibliodrama on the Torah portion, to guests from the Life After Hate community, Muslim community, local Los Angeles community organizers, the homeless community and others, Open Temple’s High Holiday services in Los Angeles renew the seeker for all seeking. Open Temple’s High Holidays in Los Angeles also include “Yom Kippur Urban Retreat” – a 25 hour Yom Kippur observance that is like none other in Los Angeles. Each participant emerges from Open Temple experiences with a sense of connection to where Jewish tradition has come from and can stake claim in being an essential actor upon where Judaism is going. Open Temple High Holiday Services are not for the passive participant looking to check off boxes of observance, but for the committed and creative seeker looking to merge their personal life and weave it into tradition. Open Temple’s High Holiday services in Los Angeles provide an Open Door for all seeking to go on their Jewish Soul Journey. For more information about Open Temple’s High Holiday Services in Los Angeles, please visit our High Holiday home page under Happenings.


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