Tu B’Av 2017


LoveAngeles: Scent-uality

Saturday Evening, August 5, 2017

$18. Tickets available on Eventbrite

Scent-ual Love-in with Open Temple and NuRoots.
Musical Havdalah featuring indie-rocker Daniela Gesundheit and Zach Lodmer.
Sex Journaling, condoms and chocolate.
Other sensual surprises await.
All are welcome to join in on the erotic fun as we honor the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

SCENT-UALITY is an experience of Love Angeles 2017, a citywide celebration of love. Coinciding with a full moon on the lunar calendar, Tu B’Av (the Jewish festival of love), is a unique opportunity to explore love in its many different and potent forms. The four-day festival will open your heart to feel the love: http://bit.ly/LoveAngeles2017