Teen Soul Journey


Teen Soul Journey

Expand your Soul.
Wander the Woods.
Fold your Clothes.
A Teen/Parent Group for Generation Z

Teen Soul Journey engages teens and parents through Jewish Mindfulness, Meditation, EarthWork, Torah Study and Mussar Growth (Values based learning). Parents and Students work together in a learning environment led by rabbis, yogis and Wilderness Torah Guides to deepen their understanding of their relationships with one another as well as their relationship to the world around them through the lens of Jewish values, Torah and “the way of the earth (derekh eretz)”.

For Ages 15-18

RSVP to info@opentemple.org to enroll and for more information.

Open Temple is grateful for funds supporting this program provided by The Jewish Federation’s 2016-2017 Synagogue Partnership Grants.



The evening was amazing, the service was more than wonderful and one that everyone is still talking about. Our friends and family were left with a feeling of knowing what they sat through – a loving, warm service that transmitted the knowledge of what the process was all about. They experienced a Bar Mitzvah in a way none have done so before (as did we).

– Max’s Mom