Open Temple

Family Education: Whether at the beach, in our backyards, or at a museum…

Learning about Shabbat Unplugged.  Cell phone sleeping bags included.

Whether in our backyards, at the beach, at a museum, or exploring a corner of Jewish-LA together, our explorations are about building community, deepening our ties to Torah and one another – and fun.

The Torah begins with the story of a Jewish family. They are dynamic. They are complex. They became something so great, we are still wrestling with their thoughts, ideas and legacy through our storytelling. 

Open Temple begins with you. And your family. You are dynamic. You are complex. You are becoming something great as a family emerging and turning through the thoughts, ideas and legacy of our storytelling tradition.

At Open Temple, we wrestle with Torah. In your home. At the beach. Exploring the streets as we discover ourselves through their history. Together.  

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