Calendar of the Year




9/15: Opening Beach Picnic Shabbat

9/22: Rosh Hashanah Family Service

9/24: Opening Day of Arts Classes: Creation and Creativity 1

10/1: Sukah Raising

10/8: Sukkot on the Abbot Kinney Farm

10/22: Creation and Creativity 2

11/5: Biblical Time Machine 1

11/17: Shabbat Take Me Higher coterminous program and Biblical Time Machine 2

11/26: Trip to Skirball Museum

12/1: Shabbat Dinner and Biblical Time Machine 3

12/10: Hanukah on the Canals Parade and Party

12/15: Shabbat Take Me Higher coterminous program

1/7: The 11 words for dance in Hebrew

1/19: Shabbat Take Me Higher and The Song of the Sea

1/28: Wilderness Torah Tu b’Shevat Hike

2/11: Movement and Story Telling

2/25: Israeli Dance and Meaning

3/3: Purim Dance Party

3/11: The Band Project. What I say and Prayer

3/16: The Band Project: Divine Rhyme

4/1: Wilderness Torah Passover in the Desert Retreat

4/15: The Band Project: Music is a Creative Process

4/29: Service Project

5/6: The Band Project: Soul Journey Studio Session

5/18: Shabbat Take Me Higher coterminous program and end of the school year

Sample Schedule for Shabbat Take Me Higher Coterminous Program:

6pm: Arrive. Shabbat Dinner at OT House. Over Dinner ice breaker and Set Induction – meaning, something will be present: a video, an object, a story, etc., to incite conversation and curiosity and introduce the theme of the day.

6:30 pm: Intro to Limmud: Students will study a piece of text, a story, a middah, a character, etc. This can be through an arts prompt, a video, painting or sculpture, a movement piece or anything really. Even a traditional text study.

7:15 pm – 8:15 pm: Studio Session.

8:15 pm: Tefillah: Students enter Shabbat Higher during Maariv prayers.

8:45 pm: Students return for Closing Circle.

9:00 pm: Oneg/End of Services.


Sample Schedule for Sunday Session:

4 pm: Arrive. Ice Breaker.

4:20 pm: Introduction to Guest Artist and Set Induction.

4:30 pm: Limmud. Students study text, stories, middot, Biblical character, Historical conflict, etc. Group investigation and dissection of topic.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Studio Session.

6:00 pm – 6:20 pm: Dinner

6:20 pm – 7:00 pm: Tefillah and Presentations.

Summary of the Year:

10 CTA Sundays

14 Shabbat and Holiday programs

1 Retreat

1 Service Project

10 at-home experiences of “Living Judaism”**

Total: 36 Experiences through the year.

**Please note: The list of 10 may include:

Light Shabbat Candles, Make Kiddush, Chant Motze, Give Tzedakah, Build a Sukkah, Light the Hanukiah for 8 nights, Plant a tree, Send Mishloach Manot, Study Torah story, visit the sick/elderly, chant the Bedtime Shema, chant Modeh Ani when you rise.

Classes are now in formation for Fall 2017/5778. For further inquiry and to sign up:

School Fees

Your donation for Creative Torah Academy is tax deductible. Open Temple believes that participation in Creative Torah Academy is for the whole family and requires that families become Open Temple co-creators before beginning Creative Torah Academy. If our suggested membership rates aren’t affordable for your family, please contact us and we will work something out.

Our 2017-2018 rates are as follows:

Shabbat Dance Party (6 and under): $36/family per session, or $100 for the year.

Arts 36 (7-11): $1800/year

B Mitzvah: $6500

Creative Torah Academy Arts 36 was designed thanks to the generous support of the Etzah Fellowship at the American Jewish University Fingerhut School of Education by Rabbi Lori Shapiro.





The evening was amazing, the service was more than wonderful and one that everyone is still talking about. Our friends and family were left with a feeling of knowing what they sat through – a loving, warm service that transmitted the knowledge of what the process was all about. They experienced a Bar Mitzvah in a way none have done so before (as did we).

– Max’s Mom