B Mitzvah 2018


B Mitzvah: The Newest Innovation of Jew

Your home. A backlot studio. The Baal Shem Tov Forest in the Galilee. A golf course. The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The beach. A community synagogue in Los Angeles. The Open Temple creates sacred spaces in the world surrounding us.

Arts 36 Bnai Mitzvah Program tailors a curriculum and Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience to your student and family’s needs. Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program begins in the 6th grade when students focus on deepening their prayer skills and Hebrew word recognition. Students craft personalized bar and bat mitzvah rituals with their rabbinic and musical/arts mentors. The program is grounded in Jewish Enlightenment (Haskalah) in a twice/week program of Torah, Hebrew, Sacred Language and Mindfulness.

Bnai Mitzvah Schedule

  • Meets weekly on Sunday or Tuesday evenings in the Fall and Spring semester
  • Once/week private tutoring as needed
  • Once/week online tutoring tune-up/check-in

At The Open Temple, each bar and bat mitzvah is an opportunity for our community to renew our Jewish Journeys and renew our vision through the lens of our bar or bat mitzvah – the newest innovation of Jew. Read what David Suissa wrote about an Open Temple Bar Mitzvah at the Museum of the Holocaust.

Classes are now in formation for Fall 2019/5780 incoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs. For further inquiry and to sign up:

School Fees

Our suggested donation for Torah school is tax deductible. Open Temple believes that participation in Creative Torah Academy is for the whole family and requires that families become Open Temple co-creators before beginning Creative Torah Academy. If our suggested membership rates aren’t affordable for your family, please contact us and we will work something out.

Our 2019-2020 rates are as follows:

Arts 36 (7-11): $1800/year for one child

B Mitzvah: $6500

Creative Torah Academy Arts 36 was designed thanks to the generous support of the Etzah Fellowship at the American Jewish University Fingerhut School of Education by Rabbi Lori Shapiro.





The evening was amazing, the service was more than wonderful and one that everyone is still talking about. Our friends and family were left with a feeling of knowing what they sat through – a loving, warm service that transmitted the knowledge of what the process was all about. They experienced a Bar Mitzvah in a way none have done so before (as did we).

– Max’s Mom