CollaboratSTORY: Rabbi Lori Shapiro

In Spring 2018, five speakers selected from the Collaboratory Network–Gamal Palmer, Carine Warsawski, Rabbi Lori Shapiro, Dr. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, and Arya Marvazy–worked with ELI Talks to hone and effectively present their own stories of risk-taking at a storytelling event for the May 2018 gathering. This event set a tone of vulnerability and connected a room full of Jewish innovators to the ways in which all of us live out the gathering’s theme of risk-taking in our personal and professional lives.

Making a Case for Working Women

Source: California Apparel News

By: Dorothy Crouch – Thursday, March 1, 2018

As a doctor and lawyer with degrees from Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley and Yale, Julie Cantor doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate to be designing handbags. It is, however, her work as an attorney that led Cantor to develop Harlen, a luxury collection tailored to the needs of career-minded women…