High Holidays: The Sacrifice


High Holidays: The Sacrifice

Kol Nidre: October 11 2016, 7:00 pm

Yom Kippur: October 12, 2016 10:00am – 12:30 pm

Westminster Elementary on Abbot Kinney

Tickets available on Eventbrite

Open Your Temple

Yom Kippur:

10:00 am Services
12:30 pm Yizkor
1:00 pm Death Cafe
2:00 pm Meditation
3:00 pm Soul Journey: Text Study
4:00 pm Family Service
5:00 pm Yoga Mincha
6:00 pm Kirtan Nei’lah
7:00 pm Break the Fast

Concurrent children’s program available with advance notice.

Family Yom Kippur: October 12th, 4:00pm, Westminster Elementary on Abbot Kinney.

Questions? Email info@opentemple.org


“Sing unto God a new song.”
-Psalm 96

If God is already tired, as suggests the Psalm, of hearing the old song, all the more so will ordinary mortals be.
-Alcalay (20th c. Jewish lexicographer)

The Open Temple.
Sing a new Song.